Throwing the Ultimate Night Time Wedding Cropped

Delve Into The Magic of a Night-Time Wedding

It’s the most important time in your relationship, and a day you’ll be recounting for the rest of your lives. Organising the perfect wedding means crafting a beautiful memory for you and your loved ones, and you deserve to have a celebration you’ll never want to forget.

With that in mind, choosing the perfect date and location is integral to the planning process, and will inform all of the decisions that follow. A winter wedding is probably better suited to an indoor venue, while a sunny, intimate affair is made all the more beautiful in a relaxing outdoor setting. But for a truly fantastical take on your romantic affair, why not immerse yourself in the magic of the stars with a night-time wedding?

We’ve put together some tips and tricks on how you can design a truly beautiful ceremony under the stars, for a gorgeous and non-traditional wedding celebration.

Craft Your Perfect Moonlit Serata

Versatile and adaptable, night-time weddings lend themselves well to a range of aesthetics, themes, and colour palettes. While you may think night-time venues best suit darker colour ranges, vibrant bright styling and delicate pastels also work perfectly well.

Our tip? Stay true to your personalities and opt for colours that resonate with you – this is your celebration, and it should reflect both of your personal styles and tastes.

Night-time weddings also mean you have the freedom to set any kind of dress code, so whether you’re leaning towards smart-casual or black tie, a night-time wedding will seamlessly complement your guests too!


Night Time Wedding
Night Time Wedding Arbour
Sparkler Farewell Wedding

Play Under the Stars With Delicate Lighting Options

Hosting a night-time wedding reception doesn’t mean partying in total darkness. If you’ve opted for a rustic feel in a timeless venue like Bramleigh Estate, make the most of our naturally intimate space with its flattering lighting configurations and warm atmosphere.

Whether you’re considering fairy lights, chandeliers, or some folksy lanterns for your decor, keeping the scene well-lit is a priority. Providing ample lighting options will help you design a truly inviting ambience for yourself and your loved ones, and create a romantic feel on your big day. Think candlelight at an intimate dinner!


Commemorate Your Day With Unique Night-Time Photography

Authenticity is the word of the day when it comes to your wedding photography, and a night-time reception is a sure way to get a truly original feel in your wedding pictures. Grain can be a natural result of photographing in darker environments; embrace the analogue approach for a genuine and inimitable feel.

Every newly-wed couple deserves to have memories of their special day, and a night-time wedding makes for some truly unique photo opportunities. Opt for beautiful contrast with romantic lighting for sublime imagery that perfectly captures the magic of your special day.

Night Time Wedding Reception Venue
Wedding Reception Venue Melbourne

Discover Ethereal Authenticity at Our Night-Time Wedding Venue

Choose the beauty of a natural setting in Bramleigh Estate’s stunningly located Yarra Valley property. Surrounded by 10 acres of greenery, celebrate your union in the heart of one of Victoria’s most beautiful regions.

Create the wedding of your dreams with our help. From outdoor ceremonies to indoor receptions, let us provide you with the perfect backdrop for your celebration. Whether you’re choosing to host the perfect party after dark, or you’ve opted for a more traditional wedding, our venue will help you craft those intimate moments that you’ll remember for years to come.

Find out more about our venue, including information on night-time photography locations and more, by contacting us today.

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