Modern Vietnamese Wedding Melbourne

Introducing Lisa and Phong whose Vietnamese wedding ceremony and reception at Bramleigh Estate incorporated both modern and traditional Vietnamese wedding traditions and was simply stunning!

Weaving Vietnamese culture and Asian wedding traditions throughout their special day resulted in a beautiful and uniquely personal experience.

Read on for an insiders view of being married at our award-winning Melbourne wedding venue.


When and where did you first meet?

It would’ve been sometime during high school about 17 years ago at a house party. We were just friends until our mid 20s when we had more opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other.


How long were you together before your partner popped the question?

Nine years – better late than never!


Tell us about the proposal! Did your partner suspect anything?

Phong proposed to Lisa on the summit of Mt Wellington in Hobart. She didn’t suspect the proposal at all and even slept in the car on the ride up!

Modern Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Vietnamese Khan Dong
Vietnamese Wedding Dress
Vietnamese Bride Preparing for Traditional Tea Ceremony
Vietnamese Ao Dai
Vietnamese Wedding First Look
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Are you glad you did a first look?

Yes, we actually did two first looks! We were super pleased we did our first first look in traditional Vietnamese wedding dress, as suggested by our photographers Single Soul, and our second first look at the ceremony arbour in our modern wedding outfits.


How did you feel seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day?

Phong: I was smiling like an idiot! I felt like it was only Lisa and I standing there on the ceremony deck, with no one else around us. All I saw was Lisa.

Lisa: When I first saw Phong waiting for me at the ceremony arbour, I thought he looked amazing in his suit that was altered by his mother. I felt overwhelmed with how happy I was, being here with him and our family and friends. Although we had our loved ones around us, I felt like it was just Phong and I in that moment together.

Tell us about the Vietnamese traditions behind a tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony is a Chinese/Vietnamese wedding tradition where the groom asks the bride’s family for her hand in marriage and the union of the two families is celebrated whilst honouring the parents, family and ancestors. It is one of the most emotional and important ceremonies in a Vietnamese wedding or Chinese wedding, especially in such a family-oriented society like Vietnam.

When it comes to dress, both Vietnamese brides and groom wear an ‘ao dai’ which is a traditional Vietnamese garment made of silk with intricate patterns and embroidery. Traditionally the bride wears red, as in Vietnamese culture the colour is associated with happiness and good fortune. The bride’s dress is usually much more extravagant and detailed than her bridesmaids or the groom.

At the Vietnamese wedding tea ceremony a ‘khan dong’ open-top turban headpiece made by layers of fabric is worn by the bride and sometimes the groom.

Traditionally the tea ceremony would happen weeks before the wedding day but lots of modern Vietnamese couples (like us) host a Vietnamese tea ceremony on the morning of their wedding.

During the ceremony the bride and groom take their vows and exchange wedding rings. Then both the bride and groom will serve green tea or chrysanthemum tea, starting with the eldest family members, as a sign of respect.

Then family members will gift the bride and groom money, family jewellery, Vietnamese wedding gifts and advice for a long-lasting marriage.


Were you glad you held both your ceremonies and reception all in the one venue?

100%! Holding both our traditional wedding ceremony and and modern marriage ceremony at Bramleigh Estate saved both us and our guests from having to travel from one place to another.


Did the day work well for you and your families?

It absolutely did! Our families were very impressed with the day and especially with the food from Silks Catering! It was absolutely delicious and there was so much!

Traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony
Vietnamese Tea Ceremony Melbourne
Vietnamese Tea Ceremony
Bramleigh Estate Wedding Venue Melbourne
Vietnamese Bride
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Modern Vietnamese Bride
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Who were your favourite suppliers on the day and why?

Our photographers, Single Soul. They were very professional and made sure to always look out for our wellbeing by reminding us to eat and drink throughout the day.

Our other fabulous suppliers were:

Celebrant – Professional Ceremonies

Florals – Flowers by Varu

Tea Ceremony Backdrop – Flowers by Varu

Cake – Ruwi’s Cakes

Photobooth – VIP Photo Booth

Car – Yarra Valley Tours

Videographer – Single Soul 


Looking back on your wedding day, what was the best part?

Seeing each other for the first time at the wedding ceremony was the most emotional part of our day and celebrating with our family and friends at our Vietnamese wedding reception was the most fun. 


What tip would you give to anyone planning a wedding? And also, a tip for the actual day?

Tip for wedding planning: Have family and your bridesmaids and groomsmen involved with the planning.

Tip for the actual wedding date: Don’t stress about the little things – weddings don’t always go the plan but remember that you are surrounded by family and friends celebrating this milestone with you. Just relax and be in the moment and everything will fall into place. 


How has married life been for you since the big day? What’s next for the future?

Married life is pretty much the same as during our engagement as we’ve been together for such a long time. However as newlyweds, we do feel a sense of completion as we’ve taken another step in our journey together. The next step is to expand our family!


Learn more about Bramleigh Estate Vietnamese wedding venue Melbourne or download our wedding package. Or why not get in touch with the Bramleigh Estate team to schedule a personalised tour and start planning your own dream wedding!

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